Student Show Award Winners
CNYAG - Student Show Winners - April 2018
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First Place - In The Depths
Hunter Spina - Ceramic
Union Springs HS

Honorable Mention - Poker Face
Alex Tucker - Colorel Pencil
Union Springs HS
Honorable Mention - Sushi For One
Lily Gaffney - Oil
Nottingham HS
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Third Place - Miss Lania
Edie Sivalia - Charcoal
Nottingham HS
Second Place - Rabbit Paradise
Louis Dorazio - Colored Pencil
Jamesville/Dewitt HS
Honorable Mention - Georgia
Alex Cottrell - Pastel
Homer HS

Judge: Eileen Arnold - Central Square
Beth Sotherden - Organizer
Edgewood Gallery - Host
Edgewood Gallery Award
Executive Order 13769
Joan Hodges - Colored Pencil
Union Springs HS
Terri Nelson - Ceramic Award
Kevin Peters - White Stoneware
Fayetteville/Manilus HS
Judge's Award - Man Of His Space
Bryan Fernandez - Mixed Media
Henninger HS
D. Bacich & C. Wells 3-D Award
Kayla Fogg -La Fortuna Waterfall
Clay w/Acrylic - Marcellus HS
J. Emmons - Pastel Award
Cacti - Pastel
Noelle Pelletier - Fayetteville/Manilus HS
Suzette Uhrig - Award for Acrylic
Sarah Brugger - Zombie
Henninger HS
Photographer - Laurel Butkins
                           Plus 1 Photography
Laurel Butkins & Steve Verescak Award 
Digital Photography - Handsome Russ
Adrianna Angotti - Fayetteville/Manilus
S. VonHendy - Watercolor Award
 Solemn Vessels - Charcoal & Ink
Abby Delaney - Marcellus HS
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