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The Series Of Fitness Activities About Tongxin Cup Successfully Held at HAUT

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On the afternoon of November 16, the series of fitness activities aboutTongxin Cup of Henan University of Technology (HAUT) was held successfully in the Physical Training Centre inthe Lianhua Campus ofHAUT, which wassponsored by the United Front Work Department of Communist Party of China(CPC)Committee of HAUT and jointly undertaken by the National League for Democracy of HAUT, the Democratic National Construction Association of HAUT, the Jiusan Party in HAUT and the association of returned overseas staff in HAUT. The vice presidents Li Liying and Li Xuelei were invited to attend the opening ceremony and participated in the competition as well. There were more than 80 participators from the Democratic Parties of HAUT, the United Front Work Department of Communist Party of CPC and some other secretaries of Party Committee of colleges.

The activities included the table tennis mixed doubles, badminton mixed doubles, single rope skipping and darts. During the competition, the members in each teams showed the spirit of fraternal unity and hard struggle. Accompanied by theechoof cheers from audiences, the scene was stirring and warm. Li Liying and Li Xuelei themselves also joined the competition with non-Party members, showing the talented skill and the deep friendship.

After nearly three hours of fierce competing, Sun Dechang and Yuan Fang from non-Party Intellectual Association won the first price of table tennis mixed doubles competition, Zhang Qi and Xiao Yongmei from the National League for Democracy of HAUT won the firstprizeof badminton mixed doubles competition, Qiao Guanghui from Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang of HAUT won the firstprizein single rope skipping competition, Sun Baoshuai from the Jiusan Society in HAUT and Wang Dongying from the association of returned overseas staff in HAUT won the firstprizein darts competition. Sun Guojun, the deputy director of the United Front Work Department of CPC and the representatives of various democratic parties presented the awards to the winners and took group photos.

This activity aims to promote the healthy lifestyle and enhance the cohesiveness of the United Front Work Department of CPC. Meanwhile, it implements the policy,The Comment of Further Strengthening And Perfecting the Contact System between the Party Cadres of both the University Level and the College Level and non-Party Members, providing a contacting platform for all levels of party cadres and non-party members and injecting new vitality for the United Front Work Department and even the reform and development of the entire university.

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